Four Fountain Spa Review
Hi Friends,anyone visiting my blog would know by now that I am deeply madly and truely in love with nail art. Very Close second comes beauty about which I fail to write on a regular basis due to my job, home and nailart :P :P . But there is one thing more that I crave for and they are spas. I love love love pampering my self and why not, I am stressfully working 6 days a week in office, after office I am wife managing my home and maids, at night with whatever energy I have I am nail artist and blogger. I truely believe I deserve to be pampered and be away from my "Self-Created Mess" once in while. Because a very famous poet once said "What is this Life full of Care, If you have no time to stand and stare"!!. Anyways, I had been contacted by Four Fountain Spa long back to review their spa, but as I described my life above, I wasnt able to make time :(.Finally, I picked up a date and dropped in Four Fountain Spa Powai. Yes, this was the very next day I returened from Goa. Me and my husband drove down to Goa for our anniversary and we were tired. There was no better way to rejuvinate than a SPA!! :) I booked my appointment and got an email confirmation immedeatly . Maybe this is not a process and was done because I was coming for review, I am not sure. I entered the Spa 20 minutes late which not usual me, but it was unavoidable. I was feeling very guilty. They asked me what was I expecting from the Spa instead of leaving me blank and helpless with the Spa Menu . I was very tired so I was looking for some pain relaxation and some exfoliation as well after Goa tanning :P . They recommended me "Signature Green Tea and Scrubassage". Srubassage : 'Scrubassage' is a combination of a scrub and a massage. It is performed using a special blend of clove and green tea leaves infused in a cream base. Clove is known for its pain relieving properties and reduces soreness of muscles. The fine grains of green tea increase blood circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants which prevent potential damage from free radicals, thus promoting longevity. We recommend not having a soap bath at the end of a scrubassage. I am green tea fan, some how I have a reasonable amount of trust on Green Tea benefits. Also, I get easily inclined towards Aroma and fragrance. Correct fragrance sets up right mood and definetly makes a difference to your mental relaxation. I do not like perfumes however, because they seem too artificial, but natural aroma from around the nature definetly lifts up my mood. So my choice was just correct for me.Also, the massage cream had crushed green tea leaves and soothing clove aroma, which was a Wow for me . I entered the room and it was tastefully done with decent size. The lady (I forgot the name of the girl who gave me the srubassage) asked me to change to disposal undergarments (both upper and lower) which was placed there. Also there was a disposable towel to wrap on it. I have visited Panacea Spa before (a famous spa in Mumbai), and there I was only given a disposable lower. So Four Fountain was a pleasant experience on this front.There was also a separate locker kinna thing to keep my valuables, it also had a lock and key :P. I appreciate them taking care of this. I have also been to Kaya Clinic on regular basis for some facials and treatments. The locker concept was missing there too. In the begining of the therapy itself, she pointed to the clock showing the time and announcing the expected time of finishing. Just when I was wondering the "Should I"/"Should I not" ask her to concentrate on my foot and back, she "Offered" it. She asked me if there are any pain areas which I would like her to take special care :). Continous feedback about massage pressure and room temperature was taken, making sure I was comfortable at all time. There were few things which did not impress me though. There was some amount of water which was used during the massage to keep the mixture greezy and easy to work with. Initailly, she used luke warm water which was comforting but later in the air conditioner, the water cooled down and then it felt kind of chilling. Secondly, there was a wall clock in the room which continously made the typical Tic-Toc sound. Since there was silence in the room, the sound was prominent (or I have sensitive ears, I don't know :P ). The therapy was no doubt very relaxing, un-winding, pampering and rejuvenating. The massage pushed away a lot of pain and stress. There was no head message included, just to clarify. It was body massage only. The Srubassage lasted for around an hour, after which she pointed out the clock again and asked me to check time. I liked the professionalism :). I was asked to take a shower after the message. The batharea was connected to the room individually. It had both shampoo and body wash. I had to ask for a shower cap, which I think should be placed there already in the first place. Shower was the only option, which is perfectly fine. But not every one wants to wet their hair, right?. When I came out of the room, I some how lost track of the time of the day. I was thinking , is it morning or evening kinds :P. Well, this means the therapy was successful in cutting me off from the external world and relaxing :). I was asked feedback for my massage and also served green tea :). The green tea was in kinna of shot glass and temperature was luke warm. The flavour and taste were really soothing. I roughly have tasted almost all green teas available in market, but this was something new. On inquiring I came to know it was specifically packed for Four Fountain Spa but was available for sale. The flavour served to me was "Mint and Green Tea". I couldn't buy it though because the manager who had the keys was not around :(. They have taken utmost care about things like back rest in seating area and door handles too. All in all, it was a good experince for me. And I would totally recommend it for their service and professionalism. I would totally love re-vising them. But just a thought, don't they position themselves as "Affordable Spa". The Spa I took was on a bit expensive side (Rs 2209 on Weekdays), as compared to other ones in their menu. It was a signature spa so its okay. But on an average, the cost was around 1700-1900 Plus taxes. I am not saying its expensive, but it is a bit higher for "Affordable". It may be personal opinion. They have different rates for Weekend and Weekdays, so if you are planning a visit (which you should soon :) ), try availing the Weekday Rate benefit. Ohh! and did I tell it is from 9-9? Yes, it functions from 9am to 9pm, isn't it great? We can rush after office too, which is when we need it the most :P. Anyways, I would give a thumbs up for "Four Fountain Spa". Its reasonably priced if not affordable and the staff is friendly and really pampers you. You know, its really good once in a while to feel good about yourself, be pampered, to cut off with the complex world outside and to indulge in yourself. Trust me, you will feel good. And as I always say "Love yourself, To Love Others". PS : I was offered complimentry Spa treatment by Four Fountain, however my reviews are honest and based on my