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ninth-hidden-world: Jack’s been settling into his new position in the company, but he’s not a fan of having to sometimes work past midnight. So tonight, he decided to take a break and order so entertainment. She arrived on time an hour later and Jack’s secretary sent her in. This was the first time he’d ever ordered a callgirl so he was already nervous, but that nervousness only grew when he saw who the girl was. “Sis? What the…um…when did you become a…you know…callgirl? I thought you had a job at that fashion company.” “Oh I did, but it got boring after a while so I made a career change. But don’t worry, I have no problems with our little…situation here. After all, you did pay, and I’m very professional.” “Now, what is it my brother wants me to do with him? How about we play a game?” Carly delved into her coat pockets and pulled out a set of black silk ribbons, soon reaching for her brother’s wrists. “Remember when you used to tie me up when we were kids?” Jack asked, hoping to lighten the mood. “You got into so much trouble with mom.” “Well, mom’s not here right now. It’s just you..” “And me.” “So? Tell me what you think. Does your sister turn you on?” No words were spoken by Jack. He only gawked at the beauty before him. “Because it’s certainly turning me on.” “Mmmmm, I’m already so wet. Too bad your hands are tied up” “Actually, how about this? Can you feel my wet pussy through your pants?” Her ass was spectacular; toned and tight. “Oh god sis. That feels great, you’re so warm.” “Yes, I’m told by my clients my ass is amazing. With all the time I’m at the gym, it’d better be.” “How about I give you a better show of it?” His sister elevated herself and leaned forward against the office wall. It was difficult for Jack to think of anything besides breaking his bindings and grabbing his sister’s ass with both hands. Such perverse thoughts, and yet he felt no shame at all. After allowing her brother to admire her ass, she reached her hands back and eased her panties off. then turned back to face him. His eyes widened. “No no no. Don’t get too excited. We still have a long way to go. But in the mean time, I’ll give you a little taste of what’s to come. Mmmm, doesn’t my pussy taste amazing?” “Now, let’s get down to business.” She squatted before him, her delicate hands reaching for her brother’s crouch. Oh my god. He thought with his mouth gagged by his sister’s panties, his heartbeat growing faster as she unzipped his pants and took hold of his hardening cock. I can’t believe this is happening. “Now, just sit back and let your sister take care of you.” Those eyes were irresistible. Every movement of her lips and tongue sent another wave of pleasure through her brother. She was so gentle and caring. It reminded him of when they were young; that even though they gave each other a hard time, his big sister was always looking out and caring for him. She gave him one last long lock all the way of his length before pulling away. “Now that we have you all lubed up.” Carly wasted no time in straddling her brother and getting his fat cock in her warm tight cunt. Jack hurried to spit out his gag, “N…no condom?!” Jack was shocked that she didn’t insist. That was the only thing he thought she’d demand of him. “Ohhh.” Before answering she slid herself all the way down, enveloping his cock between her legs, relishing in the taboo of feeling her brother’s cock inside her. “No condom. I don’t want anything to spoil this for you. You’re going to fuck your sister right.” Jack swallowed and took a large breathe as Carly waited for him. “Alright.” He said. With that his sister raised herself just a few inches, enough to see her juices were covering his cock. Neither of them said a thing. They simply closed their eyes and meditated on that moment of pure pleasure they were gaining together. It was gentle and serene. It was lovely. With Jack still bound, Carly picked up the pace, wanting to make sure her brother was getting the experience he paid for. She leaned into him, kissing his forehead. “Tell me how you like it.” It took a moment for him to speak. “I like seeing the girl’s tits.” That was certainly a request she could fulfill. Reaching around her back she undid her bra, but acted the tease and kept it in place, making her brother beg to see them, only imagining how long he’s wanted to see his big sister’s tits. Finally she answered his plea and pulled off her bra, revealing her small, but more than ample breasts. She untied his restraints she he’d get a chance to feel such wonderful curves. “Now lets try something different. This always gets my clients going.” Still with him inside Carly spin on his cock and bounced her ass up and down. For a moment she was getting more pleasure than him, feeling things she’d never felt before. It simply felt incredible. But this all became too much for Jack. It was such a turn-on to see his sister controlling him, but it was too much for him to stay still. He needed control. Without warning her grabbed Carly’s waist and turned her into the chair, now with Jack being in the position of power. Carly liked seeing her brother take charge. “Well, looks like som…OHHH!” The shock gave her such a high, the shock of her brother shoving his cock into her ass. This was not what Carly has expected at all. If it were any other client she would have turned and slapped him for taking something he hadn’t paid for, but she was so entrenched in the sensation of taboo that she didn’t care. “Fuck me!” Was all she said. And Jack was more than happy to comply. Going in and out of his sister’s ass was a level of pleasure he never even imagined he’s achieve. He was so aware of every single movement he made, even the tiniest detail was tremendeous, and he only wanted more. “Sis, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” “YES! Please. Do it on my back. I want to see you shot your cum on you sister!” All it took were those words and a few more pumps until Jack was grunting as his spunk shot out and covered his sister’s back. White ropes flying out of his tip and landing on skin as smooth as porcelain. “Mmmmm.” The sensation of hot cum on her skin always gave Carly such a rush. And it being her brother’s cum made it all the more better. “That was fun.” She said smiling at her brother as they held each other after such a wonderful event.”Tell me, did I do alright?” Jack didn’t even need a moment to think. “By fucking god, yes you did. Better than alright. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” “Well, we’ll definitely have to do this again soon. Of course, this is my job so I need to get paid, but I suppose my brother can be allowed a family discount.” This would be the ultimate for my sis and I.