thisishowimpunished: While walking in the park, I snapped and... -
thisishowimpunished: While walking in the park, I snapped and rolled my eyes at Daddy. Immediately, he flipped me over his lap, lowered my panties, and pulled up my skirt. Smack, smack, smack… he began to beat my bottom in front of a crowd of shocked park-goers as I fought to stand up. Forcing his knee between mine, he was able to spread my legs apart and tilt my bottom toward his audience. He was feeding off the tittering crowd, enjoying the chance to demonstrate his strict discipline. Smack, smack, smack. Hot tears of embarrassment and pain streamed down my face. Daddy gripped my butt cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing my anus to his and the spectators’ view. He began spanking me there, between my cheeks, his hard fingers slapping my sensitive hole. I kicked and struggled, but the more I fought, the harder and longer he smacked. Eventually he stood me up, pushing me toward a large tree next to our bench. “Hold those cheeks open for corner time,” he ordered. I protested in disbelief, until he moved to pull me back over his lap. I quickly faced the tree and spread my bottom open toward the crowd. Daddy chatted and laughed with the people who’d stopped to watch. He was so charming that people shrugged off the humiliating public nature of the punishment, and were quick to tell stories about how their grandparents had disciplined them similarly. I stood facing the tree, hiccuping on the edge of tears, hoping Daddy would release me soon.