Has Been Heroes Review
One of the many titles that has hit the Nintendo Switch's library is one called Has Been Heroes. The game, which was developed by the team that brought us the Trine trilogy, is a rogue-like RPG/Tower Defense title that tries to blend together two or three distinct genres of games, but ultimately falls short. While the game has a delightful art direction, the gameplay suffers a ton and makes this game just an OK entry into the Switch's growing game library. How does Has Been Heroes fair? Read on and find out! Your adventure begins when the King summons you to embark on an important quest... That quest; escort the kingdom's Princesses to school... While there is some humor sprinkled throughout the title, I felt that it never really "got going".. When the title was first shown, it did in fact catch my eye, but it in the end, the game just feels rushed. The first thing that players should know is that this game is HARD...And we mean HARD. Has Been Heroes throws [...]