My Arcade Wireless Controller Review
If you have managed to snag a NES classic edition, you already know that the system is in dire need of a extension for its controller. The much sought after system, comes packed with 30 classic Nintendo games but didn't quite pack the same punch when it came to controller length. While we hope you are enjoying some of the most memorable classics for the NES, the 3 foot controller cord length quickly became a nuisance. Enter My Arcade's wireless controller. A prefect companion for your hard-to-find NES Classic. How does this wireless controller fair? Read on and find out! If you want to check out what the controller looks like, be sure you click here and watch our official unboxing video for the controller. It's an interesting mix of classic and modern, old and new and overall comes off as a very comfortable controller. While the controller seems to be pretty primitive, it does the job right and becomes an essential controller to go with your NES Classic [...]