Here Are a List of Improvements For Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D
As many of you already know, The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask will be making a triumphant return to Nintendo 3DS next month. There are a number of improvements for the highly sought after title and you can check out a comprehensive list below: - reworked environments with new props and decorations placed around - improved character models with smoother animations at 60 FPS - up to three save files on a single copy of the game - owl statues no longer need to be activated by striking them with a sword - Sheikah Stones return and provide video hints - Pictobox has its own icon on the touchscreen for taking multiple pictures - fishing hole locations: one near the Shooting Gallery outside the Southern Swamp and the other in the Great Bay - free fishing with a Fishing Hole Pass, redeemable for a single use - choice between a standard fishing rod and a rod with a Sinking Lure - Garo’s Mask now looks like the Garo Master's mask - with the Giant Mask, Link can [...]