Destiny PS4 Review
My friends, I have been to the moon and back again! I have killed many opponents in the crucible and I have fought a number of bad guys with some very sweet weapons. Yes my friends, Destiny has released and while some other video game outlets may not have fallen in love with the title, we here at Myvideogamenews have grown to really enjoy the game and are here to tell you about it in our official Destiny review. How did the game fair? Read on the find out! Before I sat down to write this review, I wanted to spend some ample time with the game. After all, Destiny had just a little of hype surrounding the titles release and went on to become the #1 pre-ordered new IP of all time. Surely this game couldn't live up to its massive hype train, could it? Let's start off with the bad (which I didn't necessarily mind but I could see gamers getting a little bent out of shape). Although we are greeted with some of the most massive and beautiful levels, the [...]