New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review
I think we can all agree that Princess Peach needs to invest in a new home security system but until that day happens, gamers everywhere will be treated to all new Mario adventures and will need to save her over and over again. Yes gamers, it's that time again and with the arrival of New Super Mario bros 2 for Nintendo 3DS, we are treated to another nostalgic Mario title. Does this game hold up to the series greatness? Read on and find out. You probably all know by now what to expect in a Mario title and New Super Mario Bros. 2 is no different. This 2D Mario will have players running, jumping and collecting a massive amount of coins all with flawless controls all throughout the entire game. The 5-6 hour adventure is nothing new for Mario fans and that classic Mario feel is evident through and through. The game (as expected) features vibrant and colorful graphics as we have all come to love in Mario's games. The 3D feature in New Super Mario Bros. 2 [...]