We are Pokémons!  - My One Cent Worth of Thoughts
小小宝贝:Jie Jie! What Pokémon are you?? 宝贝:I’m Pichu! Because I’m cuter than Pikachu! (Hmmm… okie….😅 she has great faith in herself… I suppose that’s not a bad thing. 🤔) Didi, you are a Dragonite! Because you are a dragon! 小小宝贝:No!! I’m a baby dragon so I’m just a Dratini! 宝贝 : Mama is a Ninetales because she’s pretty! (I’m not a fan of Ninetales but I like the flattery part.) Then what about Papa??? 小小宝贝 :(with a matter of fact... Read More Read More