Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Kate's Really Wild red jumper and where to get it - Royal Visit Canada - Day 7 - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge run to catch the boat, ( well that was for show it really was not leaving without them). Naturally everyone was keenly interested in what is Kate going to wear to go fishing? Well have any of you every worn cashmere to go fishing? Kate’s got style so that is what she did in check it out here Really Wild clothing the red jumper order yours now and hey go fishing. Forever EleganceOur Autumn collection has now launched online. #reallywildclothing #tweed #tailoring #autumn16 — Really Wild (@reallywildcloth) September 30, 2016a successful crab pull on the fishing trip in haida gwaii! #RoyalVisitCanada — omid mio scobie (@_mio) September 30, 2016by