Lewis Hamilton - The first British driver ever to start on pole in Bahrain breakout the dance to 'Jai Ho' - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
I first met Lewis Hamilton in Montreal, with Nicole Scherzinger, introducing them to the CEO of The Toronto International Film Festival, Piers Handling, Warren Spitz a board member of the film festival. I asked Nicole to come to the festival and be a part of it, she at the time had no idea one of my favorite video was of her in Pussycat Dolls doing a song ‘Ja Ho’. Lewis Hamilton went on to win the Canadian Grand Prix. The following year Niki Lauda came to the film festival with the film ‘Rush’. In Bahrain Lewis Hamilton becomes the first British driver ever to start in pole position, alongside another driver who did something very special for me and who I also met in Montreal ( a very good sign do things on home soil, Canada) Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari. So let’s breakout some dance moves to ‘Jai Ho’ Warren Spitz , Niki Lauda, Piers Handling, Timothy Hollywood Khan by