Ella's a cafe with laughter and smile's - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
As you know, I am not about to just go have a coffee anywhere. My discover of the day in my home town of Toronto, a city that host’s so many during the Toronto International Film Festival, film makers from around the world, as well as recording artist’s, was not only a place with Art on the wall but the two ladies, Jen and Megan had no shortage of personality. They were The Artist’s. Walking into Ella’s Uncle coffee shop is like going into your best friends kitchen with all it’s charm and comforts, smell’s and taste’s. We are all aware that some of the best parties always end up in the kitchen. Jen who was in advertising decided to open this gem of a place to get away from the maddening crowd. Megan is called in to prep the Banana cakes “It’s why I get paid the big buck’s” Megan tell’s me. We all have an artist in us, to honor the film The Artist with it’s 10 Oscar nomination’s, I present to you Jen and Megan of Ella’s Uncle, a tiny kingdom where magic is real and dreams come true.Follow @mynameiskhancdnby