Vettel wins at the Temple of Speed Full Throttle ! - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
Monza is The Temple for F1 racing. It is the home to Ferrari it is Italy and it is the best podium anywhere in the world allowing the fans to stand below and get soaked in champagne while the drivers standing on it feel as if they are inches from heaven. This track also sizzles in heat with it being tucked away in a forest of green under blue sky with carelessly thrown clouds. Passion is all around after all this is Monza, Italy and you can here all around “Ferrari, Ferrari,Ferrari, Ferrari”. This electric track is also calls for one to carry less fuel in your cars 140 kilos to be exact allowing the cars full throttle speed and it is here you have to use your track position and slip stream to get past danger of carbon fiber flying like confitte. Alonso’s Ferrari was no match for the fast Vettel, and perhaps it was the soft tires which were giving him no traction, and while Michael Schumacher had plenty of speed Jenson Button beat him out of the pits and made a villiant attempt to chase down Vettel. As this is Italy and after such a day one is bound to get hungry My Name is Khan is all about adventure and fun and so up next will be the Prince of The Amalfi coast Chef Alberto Annarumma at the Hotel Convento di Amalfi in case you were thinking of leaving Italy, my question would be “why”! When I was a boy I was given a poster that had a beautiful women, bottle of fine wine, and a Ferrari and the caption read “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”. At My Name is Khan you jump on the Challenger Global Express, you can after-all have it all. So off we go to visit Chef Alberto Annarumma. Bernie Ecclestone, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Jensson Button, Fabio Coppela, come on boys, I have the music ready to party by Bellsound, this tune is Samba