Homage to Catalonia by Ferran Adriá! Buen provecho! - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
I came to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to sit down with Hugh Hudson director of the multiple Academy Awards winning film “Chariots of Fire” in a desperate attempt to acquire the rights from Hugh to the George Orwell book “Homage to Catalonia”. While I failed, George Orwell who went off to Spain to fight in a country with which he had no connection, grenades dangling would utter the words, if he could, “Fan-tas-tico!”, in describing Ferran Adriá and his Tickets tapas bar and 41º in Barcelona. After all where else can you go and have the taste of one olive freeze you as if it were a sole sexual note. Ferran employ’s the increasing specialization of the human species and the enlarging habit of exchange that are the root cause of his innovation. Ferran Adriá has been called by Gourmet magazine the, “Salvador Dali of the kitchen”, and trust me and many of you will agree, it great to eat at a place knowing that Dali is in the kitchen preparing to surprise you with something so utterly refreshing and exciting that you are spellbound to leisurely enjoy the food. In the end it is all about the food, and that is what makes Ferran Adriá tick, he is all about the food. So to all those in Indian and elsewhere who have now discovered Spain because of the Bollywood film “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” which translates “This life will not come again” at the Formula One Grand Prix of India study the man in the Ferrari, Fernando Alonso and get a yen for Spain then in Barcelona magic awaits you at Farran Adriá’s Tickets and 41º. The adventure of discovery never stops at My Name is Khan where Ferran Adriá reminds us that magic is real and dreams come true. Buen provecho!by