Mark 15:1-15, Jesus and the Political System | My Longing
In the passage we considered last week, after Jesus was arrested, he was taken to the palace of the high priest and bullied throughout the night by the high priest and his colleagues—aristocratic chief priests (all Sadducees), temple scribes and elders on the council, who depended on the Romans for their position. Pilate wanted Jesus crucified as an example to the people because of the way Jesus was paraded into the city the Sunday before, being hailed as the "King of the Jews." Pilate was not normally in Jerusalem, having his headquarters in Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast, but because of the tremendous crowding of the city of Jerusalem during the Jewish festival of Passover and the danger of rioting, he came to Jerusalem to ensure order and control. Pilate's predecessor, Gratus, removed four high priests during his eleven years in office (15-26 AD). Caiaphas was the last high priest appointed by Gratus (in 18 AD) and stayed in office during the ten years when Pilate governed