Mark 14:26-42, The Great Obedience | My Longing
Today is the celebration of "Christ the Victor," the last Sunday of the church year. It is the Sunday I will be finishing my messages on the Gospel according to Mark. We spoke on the remainder of the gospel during Lent and Easter. As Adam committed the act of disobedience that brought our race to spiritual ruin in a garden, so now Christ commits the act of obedience that saves us in a garden. In fact, what He does now, in the Garden of Gethsemane, is what saves us; the rest is the carrying out and fulfillment of this inner resolve. It is not His death per se that saves us but, according to Paul, the laying down of His soul in loving faithfulness and obedience to His Father. The judgment of God falls completely on Him, but what saves us is His faithful submission to it, not His mere suffering of it. Suffering is the consequence of God's judgment, but it is not what God is looking for from His creature man. What God is looking for is repentance, the acknowledgment of God's rightness in