Is December the best time to visit Hanoi? -
Isn’t it amazing spending your Christmas & New Year holiday in the Hanoi – a land of cultural cradles with full of unforgettable experiences, best street food in the world and more. However, you should be aware of the Hanoi weather in December. Check it out this article before you go as we will bring you some important notes for you Hanoi travel in December. How is Hanoi Weather in December? Hanoi is located in the North of Vietnam, that means it will experience the cold winter weather in December. December is one of the coolest and driest months of the years in Hanoi. The temperature might drops dramatically, especially at night, the temperature might drop to 11oC. The daytime is quite short and the night might start from 5:30 pm. But if you are from Western countries, this is quite pleasant and it is just like autumn weather in your countries. And if you are from Southeast Asia, bring your coat along as you will experience the real winter. The average temperature around 16-17oC with a humidity of 67%. Since it is less rain than the other months, the cold seems to be colder and. You should always bring a coat and a scarf long during your visit to Hanoi. Things to do in Hanoi in December 1. Hanoi Street Food in December One of the thing that we love when traveling to Vietnam is all street foods. Street food in Hanoi is ubiquitous, cheap and tasted like heaven especially in December when the weather is cold. You can simply try a street food tour in the Old Quarter or join a cooking class to learn more about Vietnam local dishes. It is also a good chance to be introduced to local life and culture. Be careful because you will be craving about Vietnamese food when you are back home. 😉 2. Join A Walking Tour Hanoi is well-known with its narrow alleys and lanes, which are only accessible by feet or motorbike. In the quite pleasant weather of Hanoi in December, it is perfect to do a walking tour around the Old Quarter to explore its 36 streets. This will allow you to see the most important attractions such as: Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Pagoda, Dong Xuan Market, Bach Ma Temples, etc. and get up-closed to the local life. 3. Watch a Water Puppet Theatre Performance There are several theaters in Hanoi, where tourists can watch this uniquely Vietnamese performance. The most famous theater that showcases a water puppet performance is the Thang Long Puppet Theatre that has five shows a day. Here, puppets dance and slide over the liquid stage. The puppets are controlled by a group of puppet masters hiding behind the scenes. Most shows tell the tale of Hoan Kiem Lake and the giant tortoise. 4. Do some photography around the Lake Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most famous attractions in Hanoi for tourists, and the locals never seem to tire of it too. In the early winter mornings, locals are commonly seen exercising and taking in the cool air. During New Year’s Eve, the locals often gather to view fireworks and exchange well wishes. It is also a popular backdrop for wedding photos. If you take a walk around the lake, you can see French architecture in the form of a small ancient scarred tower in the centre of the lake known as Turtle Tower. This structure holds special significance to many Vietnamese locals; it was erected to commemorate a famous Vietnamese warrior named Le Loi who led the movement to independence in the 1400s. Whether you’re there to enjoy the cold Vietnam air or to take pictures, you can be sure you will take home some picturesque memories! 5. Do some hotpot or grill restaurant The slightly cold weather makes it great to dine at hotpot or grill restaurants 6. Enjoy the festive atmosphere in Hanoi in December Most holidays are concentrated in December. Every holiday has different meanings and honors different values. Therefore, there are many excited people, waiting for the winter to come: Noel, Valentine, New Year. They all mark meaningful moments. Surely one more reason why we can not help but love more Hanoi December? 7. Walking around the traditional flower village In the days close to Tet, Tay Tuu and Nhat Tan flower villages stand out with pink of peach blossom and yellow of apricot blossom. The gentle beauty of these flowers makes many visitors feel bewildered and admired. Walking to the traditional flower village will bring visitors unforgettable experiences while preserving the best moments with all flowers. 6. Experience Snow in Sapa Sapa is well known for its verdant rice terraces, terrific hiking trails and ancient village tribes in the mountains. It’s also known to snow during winter! For the highest chance of having your dream snowball fight, plan your trip between late December to late January when temperatures can go as low minus 3oC Note before you travel to Hanoi in December December is one of the peak months of Hanoi tourism and Vietnam tourism in general. So be careful if the price is jacked up to 20-30%. You’d better book all hotels or accommodation, transportation, and other services in advanced at least one months. Even if you are familiar with the cold weather, you should be careful with Hanoi weather in December as it is something different… and unexpected. Always bring along a coat or scarf when you are going outside.