DEWALT dw618pk is the latest woodworking tool. It helps the professional furniture makers to design their furniture in a perfect shape and get the desired smoothness on the top. The router kit is associated with a professional 2-1/4 HP motor, two bases, one plunge router with a fixed router base. The router kit is featured with different attractive characteristics that have made it top among all the other wood furnishing tools. Moreover, some of the basic features have made its use easier. Thereby, the DEWALT router dw618pk is suitable for both the professional and beginners. In line with a standard speed, the router is easily maintainable. DEWALT dw618pk review The performance of the mid-size router in a cam motor housing is satisfactory. The extra features will make the craftsmanship easier comparing the other routers for the same purpose. The DEWALT router dw618pk price is affordable too than the other router kits.