Tig Tagz Review | My Crafty Zoo
Hey Everyone! I was given the chance to review these and I am so thankful! Okay, I'll give ya the lowdown!Tig Tagz are similar in material to a hospital bracelet for your little one! That's probably a terrible comparison, hospital bracelets usually bring bad feelings, but these are to help you keep your little one safe! Ever had your toddler take off in the 37 seconds it took you to reach for something? If you haven't, well you are amazing! But if you have, you know the fear that comes along with that. Even if it's just a second. A few months ago I was in a large store and there was a little girl, about 3 I'd guess who was lost. She was, obviously, very upset. She was basically just asking "where's mommy???" We asked her what Mommy's name was, and all she knew was Mommy. I was scared for this baby! Fortunately, the store wasn't too packed and we were able to find Mommy. I couldn't help but politely ask Mommy to teach little one her real name! I felt bad, like I was