The Confession (DVD) Review | My Crafty Zoo
I recently had the extreme pleasure of watching one of Beverly Lewis' amazing stories come to life in a film by Michael Landon Jr. I was skeptical because of my love for Beverly Lewis' books and my own personal bias against book-to-film, but this one astounded me! The Confession is a really great movie! Landon was able to take Lewis' dream and put it on film just as I, a reader, have imagined the scenes in her books over and over again! Though I haven't read this particular book, I have read others and I was quite surprised when Landon's depictions of the scenes were similar to the ones in my head! I really look forward to seeing more from Landon in the future and hoping for a sequel! I really wish I could share it with you all! It's a great family friendly movie, great scenes and story flow. Also, as is so typical in many 'family friendly' movies, you don't get the feeling that there was no budget on this film! The actors do a wonderful job becoming their characters. It