Okabashi Shoes: Earth Friendly Shoes for Summer | My Crafty Zoo
About the Company Okabashi is a company that manufactures 100% recyclable shoes in Buford, Georgia. Their shoes offer superior arch support, massaging insoles and anti-slip protection. Their shoes start at $14.99 and offer a 2 year guarantee. An interesting little tidbit, their site states their products contains 25% recycled materials, has a zero waste manufacturing process and are vegan friendly. Honestly, I'm not sure what that last one means really, but given that Monkey has a very dear friend that is vegan I have learned that it probably means there is no use of any type of animal anything in them. Of course, I could look it up, but if you care then you already know what it means! LOL. Something else I think is cool is that the company will actually recycle the shoes for you. Just mail them to the address on the website and they'll make sure that your old flip flops aren't piling up the landfills! The Product Review I allowed Monkey to enjoy the trial of a pair of Okabashi