Old Fashion Peanut Butter Cookies | My Crafty Zoo
I have an old recipe book from my childhood that is full of old, simple but delicious recipes. While they aren't necessarily new foods, they frequently remind me of my childhood. This particular recipe book sat for years on my Mom's bookshelf. When I moved out, I went back home and gave it freedom from my Mom's bookshelf, she never really used them and didn't mind my procuring it. I write in it now, my modifications, when I used the recipes, and the reactions I get. If it's a special occasion, I note that too. I don't know that anyone will ever care about my notes but they bring back good memories when I see my notes. I attempted to pass the tradition down and will continue to do so because with these times and everything being online it seems that little things like this may become obsolete. This particular cookbook lost it's covers long ago, so I can't share the title. However, I can say that the original recipe was submitted by Debbie Salmon. I have modified it slightly.