NAAT Brazilian Keratin | My Crafty Zoo
My Thoughts I got to try NAAT Brazilian Keratin and I have to say, I love it! Every time I use it my hair feels silky smooth. It even looks better than when I use my normal shampoos. I recently fried my hair by using an expensive anti-dandruff shampoo and NAAT has really helped restore the health to my hair. I'm loving it! Product Description Everyday Moisture that Reduces Volume & Frizz NAAT Brazilian Keratin collection restores and intensifies your hair's nutritional balance, leaving it incredibly smooth, strong and flexible. Unlike typical animal-based keratins, our exclusive Green Keratin formula stays in your hair longer and is more resistant to rinsing. Promotes vibrancy and hydration, giving hair a natural, healthy shine. Products include: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Leave-In, and Serum.