#MyPlatinum Amazing Cascade Dishwashing Soap #Sponsored | My Crafty Zoo
Have you heard of the new Cascade Platinum??? If not, hear now! You'll love it! I will admit that my frugality has prevented me from trying this type in the past, I tend to get the best fiscal deal, but I've learned my lesson! After using the Cascade Platinum, our glasses literally sparkled! Now, that is sweet! Especially considering we have people over quite often, I'd like for our dishes to look their best! If you haven't tried them yet, go now and get yours! You won't be sorry, I swear! I will say, I'm sold. I'll be switching my cheapness frugality for practicality. Cascade Platinum does an amazing job, and it's worth the extra dollar or two to have amazingly clean dishes! Though I frequently forget, one truly does get what they pay for. I keep having to remind myself of that one. Cascade Platinum Boasts (and backs up) the following: Grease Fighting Power of Dawn We all know Dawn does an amazing job with the grease, I think it's probably my favorite to use when the