My Surprise! | My Crafty Zoo
I was evaluating myself as to why I love Foodie Penpals and it occurred to me that it is my love of surprises that fills me with excitement each time my box of goodies arrive! This month, my April Foodie Penpal was a fellow blogger, Maeve from Adventure with Maeve. Let me just tell you her website has some really great recipes and I loved reading about her adventures! I do believe Maeve is a Foodie in the best sense of the word! Among other things, my box this month included a fabulous selection of homemade goodies!!! There was caramel applesauce (did NOT last long), bread and butter zuchinni and strawberry rhubarb jam! We are saving the other two for some upcoming special occasions but they scream my name every time I open the cabinet! She also threw in some other goodies, Mojo marinade, Jack Daniel's marinade (I am drooling over this one! I use to LOVE Jack Daniel's chicken from TGIFridays, then they closed the one close to us down. My birthdays will never be the same!),