Milo's Kitchen & Mobile Treat Truck | My Crafty Zoo
So let's face it: we all love treats, young and old, animal or human. A treat every now and then just makes us a little happier. With 2 older Chihuahuas (ages 12 and 13) and a great dane with allergies, I'm a little picky about what treats I will provide for them. It's impossible to have a treat that one can't eat, as the one who isn't supposed to have them always manages to get them regardless of my intentions. Sometimes I think they scheme. Actually, I'm always convinced they scheme. I had the opportunity to let my furbabies try Milo's Kitchen home style treats. They tried Chicken and Steak Grillers and Grilled Burger Bites. While they enjoyed each without bias and came back begging for more, I tried to find the differences. They each look like people food, just miniature versions. I thought they were cute. However, each treat smelled the exact same. Odd how that works out huh? Each package has a different ingredient list, so I don't quite understand how that happened