Feeling Lucky? @LugzNYC & an Herbal Foot Soak! | My Crafty Zoo
Shoes are absolutely awesome and most days I really like wearing them and then there are other days. Unfortunately, nobody lets me go barefoot and frankly I've seen the bottom of my feet after running through a parking lot and I really do not love that. However, since society and filth dictate the necessity for me to wear shoes, at least I feel like I'm barefoot sometimes. Let's face it, our feet are made to walk. *Queue the Boots are Made for Walking song to now be stuck in your head. Your welcome. LOL* My new Lugz Seabrooks are a great break from the dress shoes that I have to wear to work sometimes. They make me feel like I'm not wearing shoes at all sometimes except my feet are protected and stay clean. LOL Isn't that nice? With the canvas on the outside, they are easy to wipe clean which makes them perfect for any kind of chores! I love that I can work in the garden in them, hose them down and dry them in the dryer then wear them again with nearly anything! Lugz Seabrook's