Jewelry Hanger | My Crafty Zoo
Good day all! It is a rainy fall day here in Arkansas! Looks like it is trying to flood us! I really don't mind the rain sometimes, today, however it is aiding my narcolepsy in kicking my eyes closed! It's okay though, my brothers are home (recent additions to the Zoo) and they will keep me entertained, stimulated, and awake! I am so thankful for my baby brother! He hasn't always done right, but he has always loved me and made me smile! Well, enough of the random thoughts! On to my latest project! We are doing homemade gifts for Christmas, so I am making all sorts of things. I decided to try my hand at making a jewelry hanging for a friend, so here it goes! I used a comforter cover, which conveniently had buttons! Yay! I cut it at 34" long and 6" wide. There are 3 layers to make it have some bulk so that it would be sturdy. My picture didn't get the top, but I used ribbon sewn to the top to hang it, which is why it's slumped in at the top. I was going to use wire, but I