GIR Ultimate Spatula Review | My Crafty Zoo
If you bake, you know the importance of a good spatula! Nothing drives me crazier than when I accidentally break one while I'm cooking or not to be able to mix because the spatula is too weak! With the holidays just over, I've thoroughly broken in my beautiful pink GIF spatula and it has survived! This, ladies and gentlemen, is a testament to it's durability and lasting power! The last spatula only lasted a few recipes! To be honest, I once broke a cast iron skillet so there is not anything I can't manage to break! I have to say, the last spatula was purchased at a restaurant supply store, so I expected it to survive me... boy was I wrong! This one has done great! It bends a little so it doesn't snap when I'm mixing tough doughs and it works perfectly for all other baking! I even use it to make meatloaf! No more dirty fingers! Yay! For whatever reason, that texture has began to bother me so I love that I can trust my new GIR Ultimate Spatula to mix things thoroughly