My Fairy Garden: How do Your Fairies Play? | My Crafty Zoo
My Fairy Garden is one of those products that you see and you want so bad to buy, not for your little girl (though she'd love it) or your niece (who'd just go crazy over it) but to have for yourself. Only, we are supposed to be grownups. So of course I was super stoked to get to review this, to test for the kids of course. Can never be too cautious with what our little ones get their hands on. LOL I did enlist one of my lovely nieces to assist. Only because I needed her mature input. (Someone had to be the grownup, I was making a mess! Haha My Fairy Garden is absolutely adorable. It comes with a cute little fairy to fly around the flowers when they grow, and even an area for her and her bunny to live when it's too windy out. The whole adventure is wonderful in so many ways. There are so many lessons that they can teach about life, growth, imagination and many more. The conversation my niece had with me, um.. I had with my niece LOL was really great. So many opportunities