Empowered A Learning Journey with @LysaTerKeurst | My Crafty Zoo
A little back story, my life has taken a detour that I'm not happy with. I'm not even sure what the detour is or what caused it, all I know is I'm off track. So, I have been throwing myself at the mercy of God. And just in case I forget to toss myself his way, I've joined two Bible study groups (one focusing on exploring in depth the book of Mark, the other going through a Christian based learning objective about cravings). This post is about the second. We are going through the book Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. You can check out her site if you want, she has a 21 day devotional there that you may enjoy. It's not a dieting thing, or a 'lifestyle change', but rather an exploration of a base set of feelings and helping us to overcome our own demons. For me, that would be food and cigarettes. I was supposed to have quit, but frequently I find myself having 'just one'. Prayers welcome and I'm still working on it! Anyway, we had our first group meeting (though I don't