Dinosaur Tee Review | My Crafty Zoo
I don't know what it is with dinosaurs and teens these days, but whatever it is Monkey was pleased to have this sweet looking dinosaur shirt. I am certain she was just this happy to help out like any teen girl would be.... ★I will wait for you to stop rolling on the floor laughing at my sarcasm. Take your time.....★ Moving on to business.... LOL. Thoughts on the Product The shirt was a bit small for the size. She is pictured wearing a size large. The material is amazingly soft and would be perfect for any hot day. I don't think you can really see it, but they included a button with a mustache on it (it's stuck on her shorts on her left leg). I thought that was a cute little addition, plus it matches the shirt. The shirt seems to be pretty durable and the design feels like it will be on there a while, as it doesn't really stick out like some printing tends to do. Overall, I feel like this is a quality tee that will last. Probably long after the dinosaur and mustache trends