Won't Believe It Pitas! | My Crafty Zoo
So, on a whim I decided to try these pitas out. I thought they would be a quick and easy healthy meal. The fact that they only take 20 minutes make them the perfect weeknight meal! They go perfectly with the Mediterranean Orzo Salad which is best made ahead of time so it was super quick to have dinner ready and there were not very many dishes, which is always a bonus! They are fabulous on pitas but I think they'd make great wraps too. I ate the leftovers for lunch cold and they were almost as good cold as they were fresh! While I used a can of rinsed chopped chicken this go round, I think it would have been even better if I had used sliced 'fresh' chicken. Leftovers from roasted chicken would do well (though if you use some sort of seasoned chicken, I suggest leaving out additional seasonings and know that it won't taste quite the same) or a pound of raw chicken, sauteed before the spinach is added, would be great too! I highly recommend trying it as is, then playing with it and