Burst Review | My Crafty Zoo
Hey everyone!!! Have you heard of Burst??? It's an app that backs up your photos and videos to it's sister site online. I've been checking it out for a few weeks and it's pretty great. If you take a lot of pics or videos on your phone, this app is for you! Especially if you are like me and have a tendency to make phones die and lose everything on them!!! It won't save everything else, but it will save those important pics and videos! Another cool feature is that you can 'burst' your images to other people by clicking the burst button. This is great for families and friends that don't live close by! When you Burst your photo, you can share a link to your photo via a text message or email so they'll be able to see it with little effort on your part! If you accidentally Burst a photo and wish you hadn't, you can 'unburst' it and the link won't work. You and your recipients can comment, and you can set it so that everyone can see the comments, or just you! :D So, online saving