Artificial Christmas Tree Tips | My Crafty Zoo
a Rafflecopter giveaway We're running late on that whole decorating thing this year! Life has been really crazy! Of course, it usually is! Anyway, I thought I would post some tree tips for you. Ours is old. We got it from someone for free on Craigslist and I'm too cheap, oops, FRUGAL to buy a new one! So, frugality creates lots of room for creativity! Tip #1: Cleaning Your Tree (The Easy Way) So my brother was cleaning out my garage, being the sweet brother he is, and had his not so wise friend helping him. Said friend put my tree up in the attic. What said Friend DIDN'T think anything about the fact that there was loose cotton ALL over the attic!!! For some reason, they chose to insulate it with cotton! Anyway, my solution: furniture vacuum extension!!! Works like a charm!!! Tip #2: Marking the light strings! If you have a pre-lit tree, or even if you simply use regular string lights, tying a bright piece of ribbon on the ends of the cords will help you be able to