The 23th Step to Understanding House Rulers
We are on the last article in this series. This may be the hardest, as the 12th House is unique. I have to reaffirm, to myself, that I will be honest about what I see, as why should anyone bother to read anything I write, if I have no courage. The 12th House is the House which opens to the next dimension. It is the House of creativity, mysticism and spirituality. It is, also, the House of addictions and hidden affairs. The 12th House hides from society, as people used to hide a mentally ill relative in the attic. The 12th House is the dissolving of boundaries. Magical things like art, music and fantastical literature can result.However, one can, also, go down in to the nether world of addictions.One may go to the nether world of mental illness, as well. All these as 12th House issues. As such, the 12th House can be called the House of Sorrow.