Basic Basic Astrology---What is Neptune?
Neptune could be juxtaposed to Pluto, as Saturn is juxtaposed to Jupiter. Astrology is all about yin and yang, the balance and harmony in all of Nature. Neptune is about everything that takes one out of present earth bound reality. Think of a man whose feet are firmly placed on the ground. Give him a transcendent spiritual experience. Let him have a Near Death Experience. Let him fall on his knees and find God. Let him try a new drug. Let him have too many drinks. Let him lose himself in music. Let him lose himself in art. Let him cry at seeing a great movie or listening to Leonard Cohen music. Let him daydream about a beautiful woman walking down a beach in Hawaii.In all of the above cases, he has left the earth bound world. When you do, you are experiencing Neptune. I, almost, forget the most important one:falling in love. When you meet the man/woman of your dreams and you fall in to that dreamy state with all is right with the world, that is Neptune. It is an altered state, is it not?