Game: Chase The Antis - Audette-O-Blog
A recent post on a discussion board in this Facebook group has given me a chuckle. Someone named Peter Thurgood has come up with what sounds to be a highly amusing game. He calls it "Chase the Antis." Here's what Peter wrote, see what you think: "I think most smokers will know what I mean, when I say that since last July, smokers have been chased from pillow to post. We have been ostracised from society, we have been stopped from socialising with our friends, we have been told that we are un-clean, and that we stink, we are now being chased in the streets by council officials in case we drop the odd fag end, even though our streets are absolutely covered in chewing gum, which is almost impossible to clean off, and there are take-away wrappers thrown everywhere, none of that matters, because us filthy smokers have dropped a fag end.