Scrape with PHP and CURL: Part 1 Login & Cookies - - Build iOS,Android, Windows & HTML5 Apps!
Part 1: Login and Set Cookies This is a script that I wrote for a client that needed to access leads that they have purchased the rights to while then implementing across their various different sales channels. Often times it can be difficult to get the proper access from other systems or developers and it is easier to create your own back doors. This sample script will need to be modified to meet your own needs and environment but this will at least give you an idea of what the code and process looks like to do. Comments and Explanation have been Bold & Italicized. If you understand php you know that these characters: # or // is commented sections of the code. Code does not execute, used to read comments. Need a Similar Solution programmed for you? Check out MyAppBuilder Developement as a Subscription plans that include up to 1 hour of code a day for only $129 a month!