Erase the ‘Mean Girls’ mentality
If you’ve seen Mean Girls, you probably remember the scene when Gretchen, Karen, and Regina huddle around Regina’s mirror and seemingly rejoice over pointing out their flaws, confused as to why Cady doesn’t join in sooner. For many, this famous scene encapsulates what it’s like to be a high schooler. We compete with each other in all the wrong ways. Self-hate is blatantly encouraged by everyone and everything around us, and self-love is brushed off as narcissism. We’re obsessed with our physical appearances, and because of this, beauty, however that may be defined by an individual, has become the golden key to happiness. Once we reach our ideal weight or manage to maintain a flawless complexion, all our problems will be solved, right? And so in this neverending quest for external beauty, we start to criticize. We Read More