Marmi Curiel: Using art and conversation to cope
ollowing countless emotional moves between California and Mexico, sophomore Marmi Curiel now lives with her sister and brother in Mountain View while her parents remain in Mexico. While not living with her parents, Curiel has found drawing and talking with others to be helpful coping mechanisms. “I use [drawing]as a stress reliever and every time I think of my drawing, it shows what I feel at that moment and reflects how I’m doing or what I feel,” Curiel said. “Singing also really relaxes me and it puts me in this really comfortable place where I can be myself.” Curiel was born in Santa Clara but due to the high cost of living in Silicon Valley, she and her family moved to Visalia, a city south of Fresno, when she was two years old. Four years later, her father was deported to Mexico. Curiel, along with her Read More