Tinderella: Finding my prince with a little help from 281 boys
Disclaimer: The following is based on a true-story. To protect the identities of those involved, only first names are shown. Once upon a time, there was a girl who, against the wishes of her friends, decided to embark on a magical journey through the mystical world of Tinder. Little did she know, a swipe in the right direction could lead her to finding her true Prince Charming. Tinderella, as her friends called her, made every attempt to not judge each match* by his appearance and rather welcomed potential 13-17 year-old suitors within a 100-mile radius with the chance they deserved to win her over. For over a week, her heart would vibrate with each resounding hum from her back pocket, knowing that she was one step closer to her prince. Witty boys desperate to stand out among the sea of matches would Read More