Utrecht, the Dom-tower | What you must see and do in Holland.
The Dom The Domsquare, the Domtower, the Domchurch/ Cathedral and the monastry garden are prominently present in the centre of Utrecht. The Domsquare offers you diffent ways to enjoy. The Dom is an absolute must when you visit Utrecht. The history of the Dom goes a long way back. The Dom Tower is build in the 13th Century and is the highes tower of the Netherlands. It has a total height of 112 meter and gives you, once you climbed all of the 465 steps you can enjoy a spectaculair view over the city. Once you are down again there are on and around de square very nice restaurants and cafe's were you can sit inside or outside on the terrace to enjoy a nice meal or you can drink a local Utrecht beer "De Leckere". Over and around the Dom. A special video of the Utrechtse Dom Utrechtse Dom rises out of the mist, is filmed from a drone by moviemaker Jelte Keur. DOMUnder This is the new historic event of Utrecht, DOMunder. Experience 2000 years of history under Domsquare, it takes you from a