Cheese markets in Holland | Must See Holland
The Dutch Cheese markets of Alkmaar and Gouda are quite famous. On Thursdays morning at 10 o'clock the market starts in the historical center of Gouda. On Fridays at the same time you can watch traditional Dutch Cheese trade in Alkmaar. Go see it. It is only a short trip by train from Amsterdam. In this blog we show you the way in Amsterdam along Anne Frank House and the Markets of the Jordaan to a Cheese Museum. Cheese Exhibition オランダのチーズ As we enter one of the smallest museums of Amsterdam the smell of cheese is overwhelming. It looks like a shop and it is a shop revealing the history of cheese as well. In the basement there is an interesting display of the production process of cheese. The staff will tell you all there is to now about different kinds of Dutch cheese. The shop assistants are dressed in traditional Dutch clothes. If you like you can also dress-up in a traditional Dutch costume, put on wooden shoes and catch your selfie. Of course you can taste Dutch cheese in all