Interview: Lauren Taylor from Disney Channel's 'Best Friends Whenever'
With talents ranging across a broad spectrum of skills, Lauren Taylor is on her way to becoming the next big thing. Prior to landing her dream role on Disney Channel sci-fi series Best Friends Whenever which would catalyze her rise to stardom, the San Diego native already had a burgeoning music career that included working with the San Diego Symphony and opening for Michael Bolton. In Best Friends Whenever, Lauren plays Shelby Marcus who, along with her best friend Cyd Ripley (Landry Bender), discovers that the duo have the power to time travel together thanks to a science experiment by their friends Barry (Gus Kamp) and Renaldo (Ricky Garcia) that went awry. When Shelby and Cyd are not traveling through time to fix mistakes or peek into the future, they are just normal teenage girls navigating the jungle that is high school. Apart from Best Friends Whenever, another impressive notch on Lauren's acting résumé is a starring role in Netflix's Richie Rich where she played Harper Rich. In