Review: Guy Sebastian's MTV Sessions showcase
Having been in the music industry since winning the inaugural Australian Idol back in 2003, it is no wonder that Australian musician Guy Sebastian has such a huge following in Singapore. Fans of all ages gathered, with excited hearts that beat like a drum, at the Waterfront Studios at Resorts World Sentosa on Monday, Jun 30, for the filming of MTV Sessions featuring Guy Sebastian, which was Guy's first ever performance in Singapore. Guy kicked off the show with a very upbeat and danceable song called "Gold", which gave the night a great start and pumped up the 250-strong crowd. "Have you ever had a bad day?" Guy asked the crowd. He then went on to explain that the next song was written when he realised that no matter how bad a day we have had, we should still be thankful for all that we have. That was how "Don’t Worry Be Happy" came about. The line “If you only think of things that you haven't got, you could have it all and still never have enough, so don't worry, be happy” is