Interview: Davina Leone
Music, coupled with a passion, is what Davina Leone is all about. The Miami native has one of the most soulful and euphonious voices around — and she's only twenty years old! With millions of views on Youtube, Davina Leone is definitely a star on the rise. Growing up in a family of musicians, the singer got her start in musical theatre at a young age. Her heavy musical background probably explains why she's so good at what she does. Davina is the walking symbol of strength and a kind heart. Having gone through years of bullying during her school years, Davina has decided to use her success to inspire schoolkids all over the world. Davina is the celebrity ambassador for anti-bullying organisation Defeat The Label, for which she recorded a song "For The Haters". She has been touring schools around the United States to educate them about bullying on a tour she calls The Message Tour. We chatted with Davina about her anti-bullying work as well as her debut album Awake, which was released