Jake T. Austin talks 'The Fosters', 'Wizards' and Voiceovers
Jake T. Austin --- we all know him as the little kid brother on Wizards of Waverly Place who's always up to crazy antics. Well, he's not so little anymore --- he's 18-going-on-19 and his career is growing stronger than ever! After Wizards ended in 2012 (and returned for an hour-long special in 2013), the New York native has found himself a new home in ABC Family drama series The Fosters. Jake T. Austin Photo credits: Nina Duncan Jake has had an extensive career. We've heard him voice Diego on animated children's series Dora The Explorer & Go, Diego, Go!, we've seen him as the mischievous and not-so-bright Max Russo on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place and now we're seeing the talented actor in a new light as Jesus Foster on ABC Family's The Fosters, who is fluent in Spanish and has ADD in the show. The summer season for The Fosters wrapped up on Aug 5 and fans can expect new episodes only in January 2014. The show, which is produced by Jennifer Lopez, also stars Disney's