Interview: The Maine
Whether or not you're a fan of alternative-rock/pop-rock music, you would probably have heard of The Maine. They're an alternative-rock band that formed in Arizona 6 years ago and they have achieved much success since their early beginnings. The band has released three studio albums, with their second album Black & White performing the best on music charts worldwide. Earlier this month, they announced that their long-awaited fourth album would be released on June 4, 2013. In-between gearing up for the June release of their fourth studio album Forever Halloween and preparing for their 8123 Tour, the band's drummer Pat Kirch took time off to talk to Musichel about their new music, touring and making music without a label! --------------- It has been five years since The Maine released its first album. How have you, both as a band and as individuals, changed since the band first started out? We have changed in so many ways and stayed the same in so many ways. I think as a band, we