Donations - Museum Of Buford
The Museum of Buford operates on a small but efficient budget that is funded in part by the City of Buford, local businesses, and individuals from our community. We are restricted in how fast we can expand the collection because of our financial resources. Many people believe that all the items in the Museum were donated by individuals over the years; but in reality, the majority of the permanent collection was purchased with private funds. We are continually finding items offered for sale that would complement our collection, but we are forced to pass over them because of our lack of funds or pick and choose only a limited number in order to spread our resources further. If we had additional funds, we could buy back more of Buford’s history for the community as a whole to enjoy. The longer we wait on acquiring these materials, the more difficult the task becomes. Help us reach our goal of being able to buy any item we feel is important to preserving our history. Please donate today to help in the acquisition of a rapidly shrinking pool of artifacts from Buford’s rich history. Donate today to help expand access to our collection, nurture dialogue and scholarship, and introduce new generations to all The Museum Of Buford has to offer. Volunteer Opportunities The Museum desperately needs Volunteers to help staff our hours of operation. We also need individuals and/or companies with specific talents to aid us in organizing, sorting, cataloging and conserving the collection, scanning images and text, converting media to digital formats, librarian services, and creating new and engaging displays. If you feel that you could help with these or other aspects of the daily operation of the Museum, please contact Carole Smiley at 770-271-7215. Volunteer Now Exhibits Fund To maintain the regular exhibitions we always look for support of our visitors. To keep up the gallery as fresh as always you can contribute the antiques or books you may have. Donate Now Shop The Museum Of Buford has a variety books and research sources that are available to buy or read at the museum. Another way to support the museum is buy items for sale in our museum shop. Click below to go our shop to support the museum. Shop Now Donate Money We also are always looking for monetary donations to support the upkeep of the museum and to buy new items to add to our collections. Click the button to be taken to our secure PayPal page where you can donate any amount you wish to the museum. Remember this donation is deductible on your taxes. Please keep the receipt for your records. Thank you for supporting the museum. Donate Now